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Say no to re-tiling-save thousands of dollars by re-grouting

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100% guaranteed re-grouting services by master contractors

Are you struggling with faulty and dirty grouts? Expert re-grouting professionals at M.N Renovations Group can revive your gloomy grouts and save thousands of dollars in costly re-tiling services. We are specialists in re-grouting and provide long-lasting repairs to make your grout stain-proof and water-resistant for a lifetime.
Even if you perform regular maintenance of your grouts on walls or floors, they accumulate dirt, grease, debris and white residues that ruin the pleasing aesthetics of your tiles. Whether it’s your kitchen walls or bathroom floors, re-grouting can restore the look of your tiled surface and enhance the curb appeal of your property.

When do you need to Re-Grout?

If damaged and scruffy grout is giving you nightmares and you think re-tiling is the best option, HOLD ON! By detecting the actual cause of decay, you can opt for re-grouting, which will be way more cost-effective. Check out the symptoms mentioned below and seek our help without further delay:-

  • Mildews have developed on grouts and keeps on appearing frequently
  • Tiles are losing adhesion and coming off
  • Cracking or flaking grouts in wet areas such as kitchen sinks, bathroom floors, shower areas
  • No remains of grouts in between tiles
  • Cleaning is no more effective in restoring grout to its original state

Moisture penetrating or flowing through damaged grout can be detrimental to health and overburden your pocket with costly repairs.

Whats our approach? 3 steps towards quality regrouting!!

Re-grouting is not an easy task but at M.N Renovations Group, we can simplify this difficult job and complete it within a flicker of time with the help of our skilled workforce!

Here’s How It Works:-

  • At first, our re-grout specialist will scrape off the damaged grout and then clean wall junctions with a proper grout saw.
  • With the help of a quality grout float, we spread new grout diagonally across to fill up the empty joints.
  • Once the grout is applied all over the joints and junctions, we clear off the excess grout from the tiles with a wet sponge and make your bathroom ready for use from the next day.

Why are we no. 1 in Re-Grouting?
  • High-quality grout
  • Correct application with zero damage
  • Licensed and professional re-grout specialists
  • Long-lasting results
  • 100% service satisfaction

On-time | 100% Quality | 24*7*365 Days Regrouting Service
Stop spending on re-tiling. Instead, opt for re-grouting and save your pockets from pricey investment! Our re-grouting professionals are waiting for your call. DIAL US and GRAB OUR LOWEST QUOTE NOW!

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